"More like crapitalism"

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punks gf: want me to jack u off babe

punk: no i will do it myself

punks gf: why

punk: DIY forever

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Punk Problem:





Putting your foot through the rips in your jeans.

putting your foot through capitalism 

And never getting it back out, because capitalism. 

fuck you capitalism 

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You know something I found interesting?
Is how when people meet dogs, they’ll say something like
“He’s so cute!”
And the owner will shyly respond with “she’s a girl, actually”
And the person will apologize and IMMEDIATELY start using the right pronouns.
So my question is,
If its so easy to do with DOGS why is it so fucking difficult to do with trans people?

*prints this out on a thousand flyers and staples it on everyone’s faces*

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